Invest in a sustainable, future-oriented company with high profit potential.

We are a young and dynamic company in an industry that is not only ecologically but also economically sustainable and also offers impressive growth potential.

In doing so, we stand for orderly and real-CO²-neutral mobility and thus actively contribute to shaping the cityscape of tomorrow. Our outstanding experience and our technologically sophisticated and easily scalable concept now enable us to shift into the next gear.

Thus, we invite you to become part of tomorrow’s mobility and make a valuable contribution to creating a better world via your investment in Velocity.

This is why an investment is valuable

High growth potential

It is now almost impossible to imagine cities without micromobility. After a short introductory period, station-based e-bikes in particular have proven to be growth stars in the industry.


The climate crisis is one of the most inherent issues of our generation. We attach great importance to improving the CO2 balance by our self-sufficient systems. In this context, a personnel-free charging function is both cost- and emission-efficient.

Industry knowledge

Since 2014, we have been collaborating with RWTH Aachen University to drive research and development. In 2020, we have evolved to a technology provider.


We provide operators with micromobility solutions on a leasing basis. This generates recurring revenue for us without relying on user revenue.

Christian Fendel

Chief Financial Officer

If you are interested in investing in our sustainable and future-oriented company, I would be happy to discuss the options available to you.

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