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Velocity in Aachen - Mobilität in der Städteregion Aachen

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Velocity has improved mobility in several cities such as Aachen, Siegerland and Limburg. Take a moment to learn more about our projects.

Projects for cities







Velocity was founded in Aachen and is the longest running project in its field. Since its inception, the project has expanded beyond the city limits, making it possible to travel from Aachen across the border to Limburg in the Netherlands. Users can easily return their vehicles to any station along the route.

The beautiful Siegerland region is known for its unspoiled nature and historic town centers – but also for its geographical challenges. To finally master the 7 hills effortlessly, there is an environmentally friendly mobility offer: Velocity Siegerland

In spring 2022, 20 rental stations were set up in Limburg. The cross-border system, which has since united the station networks of the StädteRegion Aachen and the Parkstad Limburg, has added 80 new pedelecs for the Dutch network.
More stations and pedelecs are being implemented.

The project in Ravensburg aims to network the two cities of Ravensburg and Weingarten. Within 12 months, we successfully set up 16 mobility stations with a total of 128 state-of-the-art e-bikes.

CMD is a subsidiary of the city of Düsseldorf that is dedicated to the development and construction of mobility stations. We are proud to have been able to provide CMD with our world-class stations, vehicles and software.

With the Barnim district, Velocity Mobility’s station-based pedelec rental system is now also opening up the rural area outside Berlin, thus adding an important catchment area to its portfolio.

Advantages for your city

Our concept has numerous positive effects on your city.

Improved mobility

Our stations improve accessibility by allowing commuters* to use bikes or scooters to travel the last mile from the station - especially in remote areas.

Climate neutral

As our vehicles are powered exclusively by electricity, this represents a significant measure towards sustainability and climate protection.

Less Co2 emission

The fact that citizens are no longer limited to cars or public transport automatically reduces the city's CO2 emissions.

Mobile around the clock

Especially if you have missed the bus or the public transport service has been suspended, our concept proves to be advantageous, as our vehicles can be rented around the clock.

Tidy cityscape

Since our vehicles can only be dropped off at our stations and are thus automatically charged, they are not distributed throughout the city. This makes for an organized and tidy cityscape.

Fewer cars

With our e-bikes and scooters, we reduce the need for cars in the city. This results in less traffic and a reduced need for parking, creating more space for bicyclists and pedestrians to move around safely and unimpeded.

Projects for companies

Velocity has successfully built mobility stations for various companies that have resulted in significant improvements in employee mobility. We invite you to explore our projects to learn more about our expertise in this area.

Projects for companies


Düsseldorf municipal utilities



Carolus Thermae

Velocity built stations for Generali at two different locations in Aachen. The purpose of these stations is to improve mobility options for Generali employees and customers.

Since 2018, there have been two pedelec rental stations at the Stadtwerke Düsseldorf depot, and since March 2019 another one at the power plant. With these stations, Stadtwerke Düsseldorf is sending a clear signal in the direction of climate neutrality.

Velocity has built two new stations in Aachen for Ford to improve accessibility for employees and customers. The stations are comfortably designed to make commuting more pleasant for employees.

We have built numerous stations for Stawag. The utility is a loyal customer of Velocity.

The Carolus Therme is the leading thermal spa in the Aachen region and thanks to the Velocity mobility station right outside the door, even easier to reach for visitors.

Advantages for companies

The integration of a Velocity station in the company brings added value to both employees and customers.

Mobility for employees

Our stations improve accessibility by allowing commuters* to use bikes or scooters to travel the last mile from the station - especially in remote areas.

Sustainable external impact

By purchasing a Velocity Station, your company can achieve a more sustainable and forward-thinking image.

Easier to reach for customers

Your clientele can reach your business more easily by public transit if there is also a Velocity Station at your business location.

At the station with earn

By having a Velocity station at your business location, you can generate additional revenue each time it is used by employees, customers, or the public.

Lunch break with the e-bike

With a Velocity station directly at the company site, employees can use their lunch break to explore the surrounding area in a relaxed and environmentally friendly way by e-bike.

Less parking spaces

Because of our e-bikes and scooters, fewer cars are needed and as a result there is less congestion and parking in the city. This creates more space for cyclists and pedestrians to move freely and safely.

Projects for real estate

Velocity in Aachen - Mobilität in der Städteregion Aachen

Velocity has successfully built mobility stations for various companies that have resulted in significant improvements in employee mobility. We invite you to explore our projects to learn more about our expertise in this area.

Advantages for real estate

Velocity mobility stations enhance your properties by improving connectivity and convenience.

Increase in value of the property

An integrated mobility station increases the attractiveness and modernity of the property for potential tenants or buyers.

Additional service for residents

Residents benefit from direct access to e-bikes and scooters, which makes everyday life easier and promotes mobility within the city.

Sustainable image

By providing environmentally friendly transportation, you position your property as forward-thinking and environmentally conscious.

Services for real estate

We advise you

Our stations are interesting for real estate owners, architecture offices, planning offices and many more.

Consulting from the planning phase

We offer consulting services from the planning stage. Later entry is also possible.

Support during implementation

Our team will help you with the implementation and assist with all necessary preparations.

Private and public stations

It is possible to integrate a private, public or semi-public station into your project.

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