Velocity Limburg

Cross-border sharing from Aachen to Limburg.

Velocity Region Aachen expands its e-bike rental system to the Parkstad Limburg. In the spring of 2022, 20 rental stations were set up. The cross-border system, which has since united the station networks of the StädteRegion Aachen and the Parkstad Limburg, has added 80 new pedelecs for the Dutch network.

Expansion stages of the project

Velocity Limburg B.V. represents the logical extension of the Velocity family and operates as a subsidiary of Velocity Region Aachen GmbH. With the clear goal of sustainably expanding the bike rental system in mind, concrete plans are already in the works:

An expansion to an impressive 90 stations and 500 e-bikes is planned to provide Limburg residents with a modern and environmentally friendly mobility solution.

Benedikt Markett

Geschäftsführer Velocity Region Aachen & Velocity Limburg

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