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E-bike sharing with green electricity in Ravensburg and Weingarten – inter-communal pedelec rental network picks up speed

The project in Ravensburg aims to network the two cities of Ravensburg and Weingarten. Within 12 months, we successfully set up 16 mobility stations with a total of 128 state-of-the-art e-bikes.

Start of the project

In 2017, the idea of Technische Werke Schussental (TWS) matured to establish a pedelec rental system in Schussental and to integrate new alternative mobility solutions in rural areas.

With the promise of funding from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, the idea could be turned into a project. This is where Velocity Mobility comes in, because the innovative company from Aachen was able to win the Europe-wide tender with its system.

Together with TWS, a system of 16 rental stations with 128 electric bikes was set up within just 12 months. Here, the experience of Velocity Mobility, which operates 60 stations in Aachen alone, benefited the tight schedule.

Under the name tws.rad, this is the first rental system for electric bicycles in the region that simultaneously connects the two municipalities of Ravensburg and Weingarten.

Individual offer and advice

But the collaboration went far beyond providing Velocity Mobility’s hardware and software to Ravensburg/Weingarten. In addition to the implementation of individual wishes of the Customers, such as the max. loan period of 6 hours, TWS has managed to get an operation up and running thanks to Velocity Mobility.

“The experience from Aachen and the constant project team gave us a head start in terms of being able to keep to the project schedule in the first place,” says Jenny Jungnitz, who has been managing the project from the TWS side in Ravensburg and Weingarten since the beginning.

“Because of Velocity Mobility’s years of operational experience, we were able to learn and hit the ground running with operational processes 2.0,” said the TWS mobility expert.

Connection of two municipalities

For TWS as an energy service provider, smart mobility solutions were previously uncharted territory. TWS – an ecologically oriented company with regional roots – was formed from the merger of the Ravensburg and Weingarten municipal utilities. Their products focus exclusively on regenerative and renewable energy sources.

Velocity Mobility fits seamlessly into this vision with its connected rental system. In addition to the sharing concept, TWS operates all stations with green electricity. In this way, all sides actively contribute to the avoidance of CO2 in the Schussental.
True to the motto “sharing is the new having,” the rental system has also quickly found favor with citizens and tourists.

By integrating the pedelec rental system, the quality of life in Ravensburg and Weingarten is promoted and a sign for more sustainability is set. With the planned expansion of the bike path network, Velocity Mobility will become a real alternative to the car here. Switching to pedelecs and e-bikes allows commuters and business people to get to work in a relaxed manner past traffic jams – without noise and exhaust fumes. The offer is also aimed at the numerous students in the region who want to get to their university inexpensively and without the hassle of searching for a parking space or wasting time.


With Velocity Mobility, the citizens of Ravensburg and Weingarten keep moving in the fresh air and arrive relaxed at their destination thanks to pedal assistance, even if the going gets steeper. Borrow, drive to the next station, park. Quite simple, flexible and environmentally friendly.

The TWS electric bike rental system is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the National Climate Protection Initiative.

Maximilian Aydt

Key Account Manager

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